Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Cows at Mangamba

The money Precious Little made has been put to good use at Mangamba School in Tanzania by helping to buy and take care of these two fine beasts.

'Angry' and 'Noisy' will provide milk for the kids' breakfasts, enabling them to concentrate on their studies better. Giving kids meals also encourages parents to send their children to school.

There are rumoured to be lions in the vicinity of the school, so they've built this little hut to protect the cows. Not sure who is protecting the kids from the lions, but hey...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates on the Impact of Precious Little

A couple of updates on the use of the money gained from the exhibition.

In Kenya, Tipape Loomu, the principal of the Maasai school, says they have 53 new kids at his school and they plan to build new infrastructure to house them. A new classroom is one of the first things on the agenda.

At Breakfast Club in Mangamba,Tanzania, Romy Campbell says they're grateful for the assistance from Precious Little. They recently bought some cows to make the Breakfast program self sustaining.

Romy says: "I went to Masasi a couple of weeks ago to buy the cows: Makelele (noise) and Hasira (anger) although both have calmed down now they are being well fed. The money will certainly be used on (all) the extra costs associated with looking after cows."

Cheers and I hope everyone is enjoying their kids' drawings

Nick and Leonie

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks for making Precious Little a success

This post is to thank to everyone who came out and supported our little project.

We're still tallying up how much we raised, but it was far above our expectations. In the next couple of weeks, once we get all the promised money in, we'll be sending a substantial sum to benefit the three schools.

You can check out more about the places that will benefit from your donations by visiting the sites below:

We're over the moon with how the event turned out, and we couldn't have done it without enthusiastic support from folks like you.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Last chance to see Precious Little

As you can see, the Thursday's Precious Little opening night was a massive success.

But there is still a chance today - Saturday May 10 - to pick up your own little piece of Africa.

We'll have the the gallery open from 10am until 4pm. So come in and have a chat.

Read all about the project by scrolling down posts below.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Precious Little on this Thursday night!

Spent all Sunday hanging our Precious Little drawings. I've got a sore thumb where I banged it with a hammer, but by the end of the day, we'd filled pretty much every space of white wall.

Now all we need to make a real art gallery exhibition are lots of appreciative art lovers. That's where you come in.

Thursday night is shaping up to be a heck of an event . We had the Sun Herald run a piece on Precious Little on Sunday. We have drinks supplied by the Clock Hotel and Hahn Super Dry. And we've had friends of all shapes and sizes helping out to make the gallery look amazing.

Bring your friends, bring some cash, and prepare to be transported to Africa for the night - this Thursday from 6.30pm at Gallery Fourty Four

It's at: 44 Little Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Turn left into the alley off Crown as you pass the Gaslight Inn.

Read all about the colouful history of this project and the journey by scrolling down through the posts.

See you Thursday (or Friday, or Saturday).



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Precious Little to launch May 8

Precious Little will happen on Thursday, May 8 at Gallery Fourty-Four. It's at 44 Little Oxford Street and the door looks like this.

Gallery Fourty-Four's website:

The opening night will be supported by our friends at Frankie Magazine. Look for the story on Precious Little in their May edition, coming out April 24.
We'll start the exhibition at 6.30pm, and we'll have the gallery open on the night of Friday May 9 and Saturday May 10 as well. But best to get there Thursday night, 'cause that's when you'll have a chance to buy the best stuff.

Bang it in your diary now, and start putting aside a few bucks to take home a small piece of Africa. The proceeds of every artwork and photograph sold will go to the schools involved in the project: Lo'mongo Masaai School, Kenya; Mangamba Primary, Tanzania; and Koelenhof Primary, South Africa.

Where's Little Oxford St?

It's a little laneway off Crown St, just next to the Gaslight Inn.

Updates on sponsors and a sneak preview of some of the artworks... coming soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Precious Little team returns to Australia

As the title suggests, we're back home in Sydney...

It's a little disorientating to be back in the glitz of Tamarama after three months in Africa, but we've brought a little of that continent back with us (in the form of drawings and photos like the one above).

We're both back into working our respective jobs. Leonie cuts TV commercials and other films and I write for TV shows. While we were in Tanzania, we also made a pilot for a TV show, so we didn't laze about as much as you should on holiday. Shame.

Next step for us is to find a suitable gallery for the Precious Little exhibition - around April - and to seek someone who can help us with framing. We estimate we'll have around 70 drawings to be sold on the night, as well as some stunning photographs and even some Masaai jewellery.

In the spirit of the cheerful schools we visited, we plan the show as a happy night with an African flavour, not a dour evening where you're motivated to contribute by feeling guilt or pity. Africa isn't a dark, depressing place... it's colourful and vibrant... and that's just what we want our event to be.

We welcome any suggestions and offers of assistance - especially from those who have skills in framing : )